Yardley Parks And Recreation's Successful Run Returns Funds

YARDLEY, PA —Several local organizations are getting $10,000 due to proceeds from a “record year” for the Yardley Parks and Recreation Department.

Parks and Recreation Department Chairwoman Akvile Montvilaite discussed the “fantastic turnout of events” for the previous year for the Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween parade, and two runs: the 5K and the Memorial Mile.

“We want to give back to local organizations that help to keep our borough special,” Montvilaite said.

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She said that last year, 218 people participated in the annual 5K race, 182 for the Memorial Mile with the oldest participant age 94 and youngest being 5 years old. Montvilaite also said that 128 children participated in the Kids Mile Race.

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After giving out $1,500 last year to Canal=O-Ween, parks and recreation presented checks to:

Find out what's happening in Yardleywith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“We hope to beat our goal for 2024,” said Montvilaite, adding that the 5K race on June 2 will be in its 15th year while the Memorial Mile on May 27 will be in its 5th year.

Council President Caroline Thompson thanked the Parks and Recreation Department on behalf of the council, borough staff, and the mayor.

“We want to thank Parks and Rec for all their tireless efforts,” Thompson said. “These are all volunteers and you’ve found a really awesome model of raising money and giving it back by giving the people what they want. And apparently, the people in Yardley want to run so that is awesome.”

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