Wonder Opens First NJ Location In Westfield

WESTFIELD, NJ — Wonder, the delivery-first, food tech startup founded by serial entrepreneur Marc Lore, opened its first brick-and-mortar location in New Jersey in the town of Westfield.

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Lore said he was excited that Wonder’s first physical New Jersey location is in Westfield during the ribbon cutting on June 1.

“We are on a mission to make great food more accessible to give families more time to have dinner together. And I think with the fixed brick and mortar we are able to allow families to not fight over dinner. They can order from multiple restaurants at the same time,” said Lore.

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The Westfield location at 210 S Ave W is 4,300 square feet and can seat about 20 people in the front-of-house. The restaurant has 13 available restaurants to choose from.

Lore said Wonder will expand the number of restaurants to 20 by the end of July.

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Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle noted that the town “has been on this ride, literally, with Wonder” for the past three years.

“We are thrilled you have come full circle with Wonder in Westfield. And I know the community has been anticipating this and we think it’s going to be a huge success,” said Brindle.

During opening weekend, sales exceeded Wonder’s highest expectations with more than an order per minute placed during the first 2 hours of dinner service on June 2.

And more than 1,000 menu items were sold on June 3 alone.

With such high demand on Friday night, employees stepped in – including Lore, who made deliveries himself to customers on Sunday night, according to Wonder.

Almost 50 percent of Wonder’s orders on Sunday included multi-restaurant ordering, a new feature that is now available for customers. This was previously the number one requested feature dating back to the mobile restaurants business, according to Wonder.

Celebrity Chef and Food Network Star Marc Murphy’s own The Mainstay restaurant is part of the offerings at Wonder.

“I’ve been with Wonder since the beginning. The quality is absolutely amazing. As a chef you want to cook for people, you want to make people happy. This concept is really going to spread the love out even farther,” said Murphy during the ribbon cutting.

Other restaurants offered include Limesalt, Fred’s Meat & Bread, Royal Greens, Bobby Flay Steak, Tejas Barbecue, Di Fara Pizza, Chios Taverna, Barrio Cafe, Maydan, Alanza and more.

The Westfield location delivers to Westfield, Garwood, Fanwood, Winfield, Scotch Plains, Cranford, and Clark. It also services parts of Plainfield, Mountainside, Kenilworth, and Springfield.

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