May 16, 2006 Observer Newsletter: Pride Total Elimination Absolute, Jim Cornette

When Pride announced that the main focus of 2006 would be an Open Weight Grand Prix, there was a lot of controversy.

After all, in MMA, there was a very good reason weight classes were instituted, like in all major combat sports. Huge weight differences in matches make it unfair for the smaller fighter, and also increase the injury risk. They also denigrate the smaller fighters, who may shine at times as underdogs, but in the end, their aura of invincibility would be smashed at some point. But those who didn't worry about such things were excited about the prospect of a video game level of dream matches, where all the champions, like Fedor Emelianenko, Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson and even Takanori Gomi would compete and face off with each other.

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As it turned out, neither side had anything to worry about, or rejoice over, when the first round Grand Prix line-up for 5/5 at the sold out Osaka Dome was announced. 

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