What's New On Netflix: May 2023

HOLLYWOOD, CA — As May flowers bloom in Netflix land, the streaming landscape is bound to dazzle with blossoms of refreshing new releases in the coming weeks.

Looking for an action flick to watch on Mother’s Day? Look no further than “The Mother,” an action thriller in which Jennifer Lopez plays an assassin who will stop at nothing to protect her daughter from dangerous assailants.

Arnold Schwarzenegger fans are also in for a treat as the action star headlines his first-ever TV series titled “Fubar,” in which he plays a CIA operative on the verge of retirement with one last mission to complete.

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The treasure trove of original entertainment also includes a “Bridgerton” spinoff, “Queen Charlotte,” an Anna Nicole Smith documentary, “You Don’t Know Me,” as well as the return of the comedy series, “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson” for Season 3.

Popular movie darlings also abound this month, including “Black Hawk Down,” “Captain Phillips,” “Pitch Perfect,” “Steel Magnolias” and the entire collections of the “Austin Powers” trilogy, as well as the “Airport” trilogy.

Find out what's happening in Hollywoodwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Check out the full list of Netflix’s new releases for May 2023 below.


What’s New To Netflix In May 2023

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Available May 31

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