Arson At Fenton's Motel Finally Leads To 3 Charges: Glasgow

JOLIET — The Will County State’s Attorney’s Office of Jim Glasgow has moved forward with felony charges for 42-year-old Crest Hill resident John Andrew Welsh Jr., in connection with February’s fire in Joliet at a long-time West Jefferson Street business: Fenton’s Motel, 2305 W. Jefferson St.

Joliet police detective Jeff German submitted the latest criminal complaint for Welsh, on charges of aggravated arson, arson and criminal damage to property.

According to court files, Welsh knowingly damaged the Fenton’s Motel by means of fire or explosives back on Feb. 19 “and the contents inside room 25 to include furniture and a bed and the defendant knew or reasonably should have known that one or more persons were present.”

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Welsh’s arson charge indicates the Hickory Street resident destroyed the bed, furniture and appliances and bedding “without the consent of Fenton’s Motel.”

As far as the criminal damage to property, Welsh’s arson caused more than $100,000 in damage to Fenton’s, Detective German informed Will County’s judges.

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As of July 5, Welsh had not been captured by Joliet police, yet.

Will County Judge Art Smigielski signed off on Wednesday’s warrant, advising Joliet police to arrest Welsh on the three pending felony charges.

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