Higher Wayland Water Rates Go Into Effect July 1

WAYLAND, MA — Water rates in Wayland will rise Monday when the new fiscal year starts, and the increases are partially due to updates to the town’s water system in the wake of new PFAS regulations.

The Board of Public Works on June 18 held a public hearing to set the new rates. The discussion included projections of cost increases related to the new emergency Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) connection, and continued treatment of PFAS contamination.

Wayland, like many communities in Massachusetts, discovered elevated levels of the “forever chemicals” in 2022 when new state regulations on PFAS in drinking water went into effect. The town has installed new filters to remove PFAS, but is also exploring a full MWRA connection, allowing Wayland to tap into drinking water from the Quabbin Reservoir.

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The town’s interim emergency connection will allow Wayland to use MWRA water in emergencies. The connection will have its first real test the week of July 15, when the town shuts down a main drinking water well in the Happy Hollow area for maintenance related to PFAS.

For fiscal year 2025, the base charge of $60 per year for commercial and residential ratepayers will remain. The PFAS treatment surcharge for all customers will rise from 6.21% to 7.5%.

Find out what's happening in Waylandwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Here are the new fiscal year 2025 water rates, which will begin on July 1, compared to the current fiscal year 2024 rates:

FY2024 (current) FY2025 (begins July 1) Residential Tier 1, 0-15 CCF $6.09 $6.21 Residential Tier 2, 15-30 CCF $8.28 $8.53 Residential Tier 3, 30-80 CCF $10.04 $10.34 Residential Tier 4, 80 CCR $17.25 $17.77 Commercial Tier 1, 0-7.5 CCF $6.09 $6.21 Commercial Tier 2, 7.5-30 CCF $8.28 $8.53 Commercial Tier 3, 30-100 CCF $10.04 $10.34 Commercial Tier 4, 100+ CCF $17.25 $17.77

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