'The Voice's' Huntley, City Clash On Reason For Canceled Homecoming

FREDERICKSBURG, VA — A homecoming celebration for Huntley, the Fredericksburg native who won season 24 of NBC’s “The Voice,” was canceled for the second time this week, and the local singer took to social media to dispute the city’s reason for axing the event.

After postponing the “Huntley Homecoming” event in January due to winter weather, the city of Fredericksburg posted a notice on its website Tuesday, stating it was canceling the rescheduled event “due to Huntley’s schedule.”

The homecoming, scheduled for March 30, was slated to include a driving procession and pep rally event at Virginia Credit Union Stadium.

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“The City of Fredericksburg is incredibly proud of our local visual and performing arts and artists, notably with musicians and vocalists performing their arts, and the city commends Huntley’s successes on his career achievements and his charitable efforts,” the city’s statement read. “Congratulations and many well wishes Huntley!”

Later Tuesday morning, Huntley — whose full name is Michael Huntley — shared a video on Facebook with his take on the cancellation.

Find out what's happening in Fredericksburgwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“Hopefully this is the last video I have to make on this,” he said. “I did not cancel Huntley Day because of my schedule. I didn’t change it thinking that something was more important. I changed it because there was really no reason for you guys to waste your time.”

Huntley said he originally envisioned an event that would do more to celebrate the Fredericksburg community.

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“I wanted local food trucks in the parking lot to come celebrate,” he said. “I wanted blow-up houses and activities for the kids to do. I would’ve rather played some music for you than stand up on a stage and say a few words.”

Before concluding the video, Huntley assured fans there was “no drama” between him and the city and that he still plans to hold an event that will be “awesome and huge” and still celebrate Fredericksburg.

“This did not feel like the way to do it,” he said. “Hopefully this is the last time I have to do a video like this.”

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