2nd Wegmans Supermarket Opens In Bucks County

LOWER MAKEFIELD TOWNSHIP, PA —Jean Kovacs was the first in line.

The Ewing, N.J., resident stood in front of a line of more than 50 people with shopping carts and bags awaiting the opening of Bucks County’s second Wegmans supermarket at 925 Vansant Drive in Prickett Preserve.

“It’s huge and the one near me is pretty small,” said Kovacs, bundled up in the black Las Vegas Raiders coat on this chilling morning. “It’s cool being the first in line. I’m excited. It has everything I need, a one-stop shop.”

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There was no hoopla surrounding the grand opening and no ribbon-cutting ceremony with local dignitaries. It’s not Wegmans’ style.

“It’s more about the experience,” said Marcie Rivera, who has handled public relations for the company on this store. “Wegmans is a destination.”

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The location is Wegmans’ 111th store overall and the 19th location in Pennsylvania. Another Wegmans is located off Route 611 in Warrington.

Inside, before the store opened its doors, Yardley Store Manager Bill Platt led employees with a Wegmans chant, spelling out each letter of the store’s name as workers applauded and screamed.

“Today is a big day,” Platt told the masses. “This site has been in the planning stages for 20 years. We now get to make it a reality.”

The location offers an abundant selection, with thousands of options throughout the store including about 1,200 wines, and nearly 500 varieties of domestic, craft, and imported beers and ciders, Wegmans officials said.

Leslie Feinman of Levittown and her friend Nicole were eager to take a peek inside.

“We wanted to be the first,” she said. “We got here at 7 a.m. and the parking lot was empty so we sat in the car. This is wonderful.”

Patch was the first media in the Philadelphia region to get a sneak peek at a tour of the new building in November.

Cora Han now has a new place to send her husband, who works in the area, before he comes home to their Ewing, N.J., residence.

“He can pick up stuff before coming home,” Han said, adding that she usually shops at the Wegmans’ Princeton location but that this store is an equal distance, except for having to pay the bridge toll.

While Bucks County boasts a Wegmans in Warrington Township, this second store will serve as a retail crown jewel for Lower Bucks County, one of 17 Wegmans in the Pennsylvania/Delaware region and among 110 stores overall, company officials said.

Customers can click here to sign up for Wegmans Shoppers Club and download the Wegmans app, which offers recipes, digital coupons, and the ability to create shopping lists sorted by aisle.

(Photos By Dino Ciliberti/Patch)

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