Bianca Belair On Charlotte Flair: She’s One Of My Dream Opponents, Especially For WrestleMania

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford appeared on The Ringer Wrestling Show to promote their new reality show “Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez,” airing on Hulu beginning February 2nd. 


During it, Belair was asked if she has spoken to Charlotte Flair since Flair’s injury as the top star had to undergo surgery for a torn ACL, MCL, and Mencius. 

“Yeah, definitely. I’ve talked to her a few times. I just talked to her on Saturday just checking in with her and you know, the whole SmackDown roster, we miss her so much having her go down right before WrestleMania, but you know, I don’t really want to speak for her and for her journey, but you know, always checking in with her and making sure that she’s doing good and just can’t wait for her to come back. She’s one of my dream opponents, especially for WrestleMania. I’m just hoping one day we still get that match. I think that’s a huge match that can happen with or without a title. Of course, I would love to go after a title with Charlotte Flair, but also feel like the match could be so big that we wouldn’t need a title. I think our women’s roster has evolved so much and has so much talent that we can have a WrestleMania match for women that isn’t a title match because that’s how big that match can be and that doesn’t really happen at WrestleMania for women. It’s usually always a title match that happens but you know, our roster is so strong that having Belair versus Flair can stand on its own even without a title and be an amazing match. I’m hoping that that can still happen in the future with or without a title at WrestleMania.”

She added, “I just know that Charlotte Flair is one of the hardest workers in this business and loves wrestling and for that, you have to appreciate her for that. Knowing how hard working she is, I just know she’s gonna come back as fast as she can. I already know that about her. She’s gonna really put her mind to this recovery and I’m excited for her comeback.”

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