Border Patrol, Triode Wire Labs, and Living Voice

Hitting the show circuit without their usual running buddy, Greg Roberts of Volti Audio (who is taking a much deserved break), BorderPatrol’s Gary Dews and Triode Wire Lab’s “Triode Pete” Grzybowski joined forces with Living Voice Loudspeakers of Long Eaton, Derbyshire, UK.

The Room 314 system included a BorderPatrol DAC SE-I ($1650), an Innous Statement Music Server with Next Gen Power Supply ($26,200), BorderPatrol S20EXD power amplifier ($21,500), and the new two-way, 93dB/W/m, 6 ohm Living Voice R80 floorstanding loudspeakers ($42,750 or $54,250 depending on … what exactly?).

Triode Pete’s contributions included The Obsession NCF ($1499), the new Digital American II ($549) and High Power Digital American II ($749) power cords, Spirit II interconnects ($399/pair, regularly used by yours truly), and Passion USB cable ($329).

These guys always give good room, the Living Voice speakers this year providing a different attitude than the usual Voltis do, focusing on nuance, subtlety, and elegance. Two Brits and a boy from (New) Jersey get it done!

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