Huge match for NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 set up at Power Struggle 2023 PPV


Bryan Danielson vs. Kazuchika Okada was made official last night at NJPW’s Power Struggle 2023 PPV.

The lights went out with Kazuchika Okada in the ring and Bryan Danielson appeared on the big screen in a video package and challenged him to a match at Wrestle Kingdom 18.

Danielson appeared surrounded by rocks and trees and said,  “Okada, you and I have been in the ring against each other two times and two times I’ve won and two times you’ve broken my bones. The last time two orbital fractures, the first time you broke my arm, but what happened after you broke my arm? I wrestled another 10 minutes and I tapped you out because no matter how many bones you break, you can’t break my heart and you can’t break my spirit.”

Danielson went on to say he wanted revenge on Okada. “I do have revenge on my mind and that’s why I’m challenging you right now for January 4 Wrestle Kingdom at the Tokyo Dome,” said Danielson. “You and me one-on-one and I’m going to get my revenge. I’m going to break your arm. I’m going to break your right arm and you’ll never be able to do the Rainmaker ever again.”

The crowd chanted yes, yes after Danielson’s promo. 

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The lights came back on and Okada got on the mic. Okada said he had broken Danielson’s arm and face, but he had never beaten him. He invited Danielson to go ahead and try to break his arm. He said at Wrestle Kingdom 18, he would beat Danielson with a Rainmaker. Okada concluded his promo by saying, “yes.”