Zac Efron Says ‘The Wrestler’ Starring Mickey Rourke Greatly Impacted His Life

Zac Efron recalls watching the ‘The Wrestler’ and it greatly impacting his life.


The film, which was directed by Darren Darren Aronofsky and starred Mickey Rourke, was critically acclaimed and continues to be considered one of the best movies ever made about professional wrestling. Efron, who stars in ‘The Iron Claw’ about the Von Erich family, spoke about ‘The Wrestler’ during a recent interview with Variety.

That film impacted me in a really specific way. I was watching it with my dad, and I remember looking at him in that moment, saying, ‘That’s what I want to do. That’s where my heart is.’

Photo Credit: Rex Features

Efron plays the role of Kevin Von Erich in ‘The Iron Claw.’ The real Kevin Von Erich appeared on last night’s AEW Dynamite from Texas along with his two sons, Marshall and Ross. Marshall and Ross will be competing on this Friday’s AEW Rampage.

‘The Iron Claw’ hits theaters December 22nd.

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