AEW News: AEW files for new trademark, possible indication of which night weekly TV will air on (w/Radican’s Analysis)


-AEW has filed for the trademark to “Wednesday Night Dynamite.” The filing for the trademark was done on June 19. Last year, the company filed for the trademark to “Tuesday Night Dynamite.” The new filing could be a strong indication as to which night AEW will air their weekly programming when it launches on TNT in the fall.

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You can see the trademark filing Here

AEW president Tony Khan said in an interview with Steve Austin on his podcast last week that AEW will be a two hour weekly program, but declined to comment on which day it would air on. The strongest indication so far is that it will come down to Tuesday or Wednesday night. WWE will be airing on Raw on Monday and Smackdown on Friday in the fall.

The downside for AEW airing on Tuesday nights is that the show would get preempted each week during the NBA season, as TNT airs NBA games every Tuesday night.

(Radican’s Analysis: Nothing is official yet, but my gut feeling from the start is that AEW would air their programming each week on Wednesday nights. It makes sense to stay away from Tuesday night airings if the NBA is going to get in the way of them airing in a good time slot.)

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