Kurt Angle Discusses Option C In TNA/IMPACT Wrestling: “I Think It Did Help The X-Division”

Kurt Angle gives his thoughts on Option C from IMPACT Wrestling.


Option C was introduced in TNA (now IMPACT) back in 2012, which allowed the X-Division Champion to cash-in the title for a world title opportunity. The Olympic Hero spoke on this topic during a recent episode of his Kurt Angle Show podcast, where he claimed to be a big fan of the stipulation as it helped certain talent in the X-Division get pushed to the main event spot.

I liked Option C. I think it did help the X-Division. There are guys there that deserved to be in the main event and heavyweight division and never got there. You look at AJ [Styles], Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe, the history is so long with the X-Division, and they parlayed over to the heavyweight division, but after those guys, not many X-Division guys came out and went to the heavyweight division. So I think that really helped the X-Division by having Option C.

Frankie Kazarian was the last person to initiate Option C back in October of 2022. He would be unsuccessful in his quest for the world title as the champion at the time, Josh Alexander, defeated him.

Elsewhere on his podcast, Angle spoke about Bobby Roode and how he feels the former NXT Champion was misused by WWE. You can read about that here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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