VIDEO: Being the Elite – ‘Spend It Now, Make More Later’

Video —

On this week's episode, it's possible that Matt Jackson and the rest of The Elite are a little overconfident with how much money they could receive in a sponsorship deal soon. 

Matt Jackson claimed he's received big-money offers from Wendy's and Chili's on last week's episode. On today's episode, he encouraged his brother and Hangman Page to spend as much money as they can. Hopefully, there will be no negative repercussions to come out of this. 

Also from this week's episode: 

Hollywood Hunk Secrets —

Ryan Nemeth was back with another segment this week where he unveiled numerous secrets about himself. He admitted that he was not really happy to be back in Cincinnati when he said he was at a comedy show recently. He also doesn't like kids. 

Nick Jackson plays AEW: Fight Forever —

Another segment featured Nick playing the upcoming AEW: Fight Forever game. 

Maki Itoh is back with The Dark Order —

The Dark Order were involved in a segment this week. They were shown in the back feeling a little down considering both Hangman Page and Stu Grayson have left them recently.  Silver then said he's got something that is going to make them all feel better. Then Maki Itoh came into the scene and everyone celebrated. Then Itoh announced she was leaving and they were sad again. The camera panned out to reveal The Best Friends were watching this whole scene play out. 

The Elite are going to be rich —

On last week's episode, Matt Jackson told the rest of The Elite that he is negotiating a sponsorship deal for them with Chili's or Wendy's. This week, Matt showed up in a fancy suit and appears very confident they are all going to be super rich soon. Nick Jackson then purchased an $11.5 million home on his phone. Hangman then revealed he also has plans to spend all the money they are set to receive. Matt told them all that he was on his way to finalize the deal and they should all spend as much money as they can. Hopefully, this all turns out well for them. 

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