WOR Video: AEW’s big announcement for next week

AEW is set to make some big announcements next Wednesday.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the AEW news on Wrestling Observer Radio Thursday morning. Meltzer reiterated that this is a new television deal that is starting from scratch, similar to when AEW signed a new television deal in 2020.

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“AEW will be exclusive to Warner Bros. Discovery,” Meltzer said. “All of the product that will be taped will be on their platforms.”

Meltzer did not know, however, anything regarding the length of the contract or monetary figures. He also did not know the status of a proposed brand split, saying that the idea has been off and on.

“At one point it was no, at other points it was yes," he said. "One of the things we heard was that the key women have to be on both shows because there’s not enough depth to split them up.”

WWE will also likely retaliate, though what they may ultimately do is anyone’s guess.

“I don’t see WWE going to add a Saturday night show, but will they go against WWE pay-per-views many times a year,” Meltzer said. He also mentioned that WWE may put NXT pay-per-views head-to-head with the Saturday show, though that may be bad for NXT.

Ultimately, the news coming next week will be good news long-term for AEW, coming off of selling over 60,000 tickets for their Wembley Stadium event in August.

“People who were wishing for the demise of the company and things like that, they really had a bad week this past week,” Meltzer said.