Booker T Thinks Nikkita Lyons Could Be A Future NXT Women’s Champion

Booker T gives his thoughts on Nikkita Lyons.


The Hall of Famer and color-commentator of NXT spoke about the rising women’s division star on the latest edition of his podcast. Booker begins by discussing Lyons returning from injury and how he she is just now getting back on track.

She’s coming off an injury, and she’s just now getting back on track. She went out, I don’t know, three months ago? But yeah, she’s top billing as far as I’m concerned. She’s got a lot of talent, she’s got a lot of upside. Her in-ring prowess is on-point. She’s a bigger girl. Her abilities, man, it’s unbelievable for someone of her stature.

Booker later states that Lyons could be a future women’s champion for the NXT brand, adding that if she does get a run with the gold she would be a hard champion to dethrone.

She could be champion in NXT, no problem. The thing is, what I see with Nikkita, if she does get the championship, who’s gonna beat her? That’s the thing I’m wondering her. She could go on a hell of a run.

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(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)