Ring of Honor TV live results: El Hijo Del Vikingo vs. Gringo Loco

Thursday's Ring of Honor TV lineup will feature three champions, two of them in non-title matches.

Ahead of his title defense on Friday's AEW Rampage against Dralistico, AAA Mega Champion El Hijo Del Vikingo will face Gringo Loco in non-title action.

ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe will defend against Colt Cabana while ROH Women's Champion Athena will face Heather Reckless in a Proving Ground match.

Fresh off his save of The Elite on Wednesday's Dynamite, Konosuke Takeshita will face Lee Moriarty.

Penta El Zero Miedo, one half of the ROH Tag Team Champions, will be in singles action against Nick Comoroto while Brian Cage, one third of the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions, will take on Joey Jett.

After an alliance was formed last week, Action Andretti & Darius Martin will face The Kingdom's Mike Bennett & Matt Taven.

Other action includes Willow Nightingale, Lance Archer, The Iron Savages and Dark Order's Alex Reynolds & John Silver.


Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were on the call for this week’s edition of ROH, taped on April 12th in Milwaukee, WI as part of the live AEW Rampage taping.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett) defeated Action Andretti & Darius Martin

The Kingdom isolated Martin to start, taking him down with a series of strikes in the corner. Martin fought out of the corner and leapt for a tag, but Bennett caught him in a spinebuster. Andretti got a blind tag in, and after a series of dives, Andretti hit a springboard moonsault onto the Kingdom to take control. Andretti hit a springboard clothesline to Taven before following it with a bulldog for a nearfall.

Andretti went for a running attack on Taven, but Bennett cut him off and set up a double team on Andretti. The Kingdom went for the Hail Mary, but Martin tossed Taven off the ropes to cut it off. Andretti hit a corkscrew crossbody on Bennett before following up with the split-legged moonsault for a nearfall. Andretti and Martin hit a double team move before setting up stereo dives, but Maria cut off Andretti. Taven sent Andretti off the buckle to the floor, leading to the Kingdom hitting the Proton Pack on Martin for the win.

– In the back, Athena threatened all the “porcelain hussies” around the world to step up and answer her open challenge.

Willow Nightingale defeated Robyn Renegade (w/ Charlette Renegade)

Nightingale was in firm control early on, sending Renegade to the floor. Renegade cut off a Nightingale kick and dropped her on the apron. Renegade laid in the shots to Nightingale in the corner before slapping her in the face. The slap fired Nightingale up as she went on the offensive, laying out Renegade with a spinebuster for a nearfall. Nightingale hit the Pounce, sending Renegade into the ropes.

As Renegade laid in the ropes, her sister Charlette Renegade tried the Killer Bees switch out spot. It only served as a distraction as Robyn Renegade went for a roll-up, but Nightingale reversed the cover to score the win. After the match, Robyn adhered to the Code of Honor, but it was only a trap as Charlette chop blocked Nightingale. The Renegades laid out Nightingale with a Hart Attack and stood tall to end the segment.

– Dasha Fuentes was backstage with Colt Cabana, who will challenge Samoa Joe for the ROH TV Title later tonight. Cabana called this the triad, as he had previously challenged Joe for both the World and Pure Titles in ROH. He didn’t know what the future held for him, but he would capitalize on tonight’s opportunity.

Lance Archer defeated Jah-C

Archer got a jump start, dragging Jah-C out to the ring with him during his entrance. Jah-C got a total of two shots in before Archer crushed him in the corner with running elbows. Archer let Jah-C try to fire up, but Archer dropped him with a reverse DDT. A short-range lariat mercifully ended this one as Archer got the win. Archer dragged Jah-C to the back to continue the beatdown.

Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana) defeated Joey Jett

Jett got some chants as the bell rang, but Cage quickly took control with suplexes. Cage hit a boot in the corner as the crowd chanted for Jett. Jett caught Cage with some strikes on the apron, but Cage cut off an outside-in cutter with a lariat. Jett got more offense in, dropping Cage with a flatliner and a running boot. Cage cut him off and quickly put Jett away with an F-5.

ROH Women's World Title Proving Ground Match: Athena defeated Heather Reckless

Reckless came out firing with strikes, getting a one count from a standing Sliced Bread. Reckless went for a crossbody off the apron, but Athena caught her and flung her into the barricade. Athena threw Reckless into the barricade twice more before dumping her back in the ring. Reckless caught Athena in a small package for a nearfall, but Athena came back with a series of powerbombs. Athena locked on the Crossface for the quick tapout victory. After the match, Athena drove Reckless’ head into the title belt for good measure.

The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) defeated Cole Karter & Lee Johnson

Silver out-paced Johnson to start, leading to a Dark Order double-team. Karter tagged in but met a similar fate as Reynolds booted him in the corner. Johnson took Reynolds’ attention, which allowed Karter to send Reynolds into the barricade outside. Karter & Johnson worked over Reynolds before Reynolds fought his way to the corner for a tag.

Silver sent Johnson into Karter with a gorilla press slam. Silver powerbombed Johnson into Reynolds’ knees before the Dark Order hit their finishing double-team sequence for the win.

Penta El Zero Miedo (w/Alex Abrahantes) defeated Nick Comoroto

After some shenanigans, Comoroto overpowered Penta to take control. Penta hit a Slingblade for a nearfall before clubbering on Comoroto in the corner. Comoroto burst out of the corner with a spear for a nearfall. Penta slipped out of Comoroto’s grip and hit a backstabber before following with a double stomp for a nearfall.

Penta snapped Comoroto’s arm back with the Sacrifice armbreaker, but Comoroto fought out of the Package Piledriver and hit an ushigoroshi. Comoroto lost Penta on a gorilla press due to the damage to the arm, leading Penta to hit the Sacrifice on the other arm to score the win.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Lee Moriarty

This was a standout match between these two, as Takeshita sold Moriarty’s arm work well in the body of this match. I always appreciate when limb work pays off in the closing stretch of a match, and Takeshita and Moriarty made sure to link all the arm work together by the end of the match.

Takeshita and Moriarty traded arm drags before Takeshita laid out Moriarty with leg lariats. Moriarty hit some chops before Takeshita dropped him with a forearm. Moriarty fought out of a Blue Thunder Bomb attempt and hit an arm breaker to send Takeshita to the floor. Moriarty sent Takeshita into the barricades with a double knee rush.

Moriarty targeted Takeshita’s arm with strikes and holds. Moriarty sent Takeshita into the turnbuckles shoulder-first, but Takeshita cut off a third attempt and started fighting back. Takeshita hit the big head-of-steam clothesline before following it up with a brainbuster. Takeshita drilled Moriarty with forearms before hitting a second rope senton for a nearfall. Takeshita went to the top rope, but Moriarty cut him off and hit a superplex.

They had a strike exchange, leading to a Takeshita German suplex and Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Moriarty caught Takeshita with a capture suplex before locking on the Border City Stretch. Takeshita rolled Takeshita up to get out of the hold and got a backslide for a nearfall. Moriarty tried to counter another German with a roll-up, but Takeshita dropped him with a Bastard Driver for a nearfall. Takeshita tried the Chaos Theory, but the arm gave out. Moriarty dropped Takeshita with a lariat, but Takeshita caught him with a German. Takeshita hit a ripcord forearm and the running knee to score the win.

El Hijo del Vikingo defeated Gringo Loco

Vikingo is absolutely incredible. I’m awed every time I see him. He brings that megastar energy as well, as the crowd was red hot for this one. Go out of your way to see this one.

These two started off quick, with Vikingo taking Loco down with a Tijeras off of Loco’s shoulders. Loco handsprung out of another Tijeras, but Vikingo sent him to the floor with a hurricane kick. Vikingo went for a dive to the floor but crashed and burned as Loco moved. Loco hit a dive of his own as the crowd chanted This Is Awesome.

Loco sent Vikingo up and over with a facebuster for a nearfall. Loco went to the top rope but missed a spinning splash. Vikingo sent Loco into the corner and went to the top, but Loco cut him off. Loco went to the top rope and brought VIkingo down with a step-over Spanish Fly. Loco followed with another facebuster for a nearfall. Loco slapped Vikingo in the face, but Vikingo answered with a superkick.

Vikingo hit a spinning back kick and another superkick before hitting a handspring to the ropes. Vikingo hit an misdirection into a springboard Tijeras that sent Loco to the floor. Vikingo hit a step-up dragonrana to Loco on the floor, before hitting an outside-in Phoenix Splash for a nearfall. Loco cut off Vikingo, but Vikingo caught him on a crossbody and hit a spinning uranage. Vikingo sent Loco to the floor and hit a ropewalk tornillo splash to the floor.

Loco caught Vikingo and hit an Alley Oop into the turnbuckle. Loco brought Vikingo to the top rope and hit a gorilla press slam all the way down for an eventual nearfall. Vikingo avoided a charge from Loco and hit a springboard tornado poisonrana before following with the double knees into the corner. Vikingo hit the 630 splash to win.

Iron Savages (Boulder & Bronson) (w/ Jameson Ryan) defeated Logan Lynch & Ren Jones

Boulder sent Jones into Lynch with a gorilla press, before Bronson dropped Jones into Lynch with a piledriver. Boulder hit a double bodyslam on both opponents before electric chair dropping his own partner into his opponents for the quick victory.

– Gringo Loco talked about how he’s zig-zagged across the world trying to get Tony Khan’s attention. Loco said after the match, Khan raised his hand and invited him back to ROH anytime. Loco may not have won the match, but earning his way into ROH was just as big of a victory.

ROH World Television Title Match: Samoa Joe (c) defeated Colt Cabana

This was Samoa Joe's ninth title defense.

Cabana used his technique to stay out of Joe’s hands, but Joe caught Cabana with a back elbow to cut him off. Joe hit the body splash and enzuigiri combination for a nearfall. Joe worked on Cabana’s neck and shoulders, hitting a big kick and an elbow drop for a nearfall. Joe drove Cabana into the corner with strikes before setting up the Muscle Buster, but Cabana fought him off and caught Joe with a roll up for two.

Cabana dropped Joe with a big elbow before hitting the Flying Apple. A big splash from Cabana got a nearfall. Cabana went for a moonsault, but Joe got the knees up and quickly locked on the Coquina Clutch for the win.

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