AEW Rampage live results: El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Dralistico

AAA Mega Champion El Hijo del Vikingo's run in the Tony Khan companies continues on a special Saturday edition of AEW Rampage.

Vikingo will defend against Dralistico in their first-ever singles match. Vikingo is coming off a non-title win on Thursday's Ring of Honor TV over Gringo Loco, and this is his second-ever AEW match following his March Dynamite debut against Kenny Omega.

Jon Moxley will take on Christopher Daniels for the second time ever in a rematch from their unseen Jericho Cruise clash from January 2020.

At Mark Briscoe's request, AEW Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) will team with Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal to take on Tony Nese, Ari Daivari, Josh Woods & Slim J.

Julia Hart will look to extend her long winning streak as she faces Kiera Hogan.

Rampage will also feature promos from TBS Champion Jade Cargill in addition to Matt & Jeff Hardy, FTW Champion Hook and Isiah Kassidy.


Taped in Pittsburgh, PA. Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were on commentary.

Jon Moxley defeated Christopher Daniels (8:58)

Moxley started out with a chain wrestling sequence and worked a side headlock. Excalibur tried to explain that Daniels was still a friend of the Elite, even though he was retired from tag team competition by the Young Bucks. Lots of matwork here. Daniels worked a crossface for a bit, until Moxley worked Daniels into the corner and mauled the Fallen Angel with chops. Daniels caught Moxley with a leg lariat and backdropped him to the floor.

Daniels came off the apron and hit Moxley with a clothesline. Moxley came back with a backdrop on the floor, then dropped Daniels on the steel ring steps. 

During a split-screen break, Daniels was nearly counted out. He got back in the ring and Moxley hit him with a cutter. Daniels fought out of a superplex attempt and came off the top with a crossbody for a near fall. Daniels caught Moxley with a couple of near falls, but Moxley floored him with the King Kong Lariat. Moxie followed up with a piledriver and the bulldog choke. Daniels escaped the choke and countered the Death Rider with a backdrop.

Daniels came off the middle ropes and drove Moxley down with a flatliner. Daniels hit his Angel’s Wings finisher. Daniels set up a uranage, but Moxley escaped, brought down the hammer and anvil elbows, and locked in the bulldog choke. Daniels fought it as long as he could, but Moxley wrapped him up in a body scissors and Daniels passed out.

After the match, Moxley shook hands with Daniels.  

– Lexi Nair tried to interview Jade Cargill, but Mark Sterling did all the talking for Jade. Sterling announced that Taya Valkyrie will be barred from using her version of the Jaded in her TBS championship match with Cargill on Wednesday. 

– Hook, The Hardy Boys and Isiah Kassidy came to the ring for a chat. Jeff took the mic and got a huge ovation from the crowd an a “Welcome Back!” chant. Hardy announced his retirement… from screwing up. Jeff said he wants to retire on a high note. Matt took the mic, but Stokely Hathaway interrupted on the big screen. Hathaway wanted details on the "Firm Deletion" match, but Matt was not forthcoming. But this distraction allowed the members of the Firm to attack, and Kassidy took a vicious Ego’s Edge from Ethan Page. Kassidy did a fantastic bump off the move. The Hardys finally ran the Firm off with steel chairs. 

– Recap of the Chris Jericho/Adam Page/Saraya/Britt Baker angle from Wednesday. Adam Cole will have an interview segment on Wednesday. 

Julia Hart defeated Kiera Hogan (3:10)

Hogan hit a sliding dropkick in the corner for the near fall, but Hart caught Hogan with a hangman’s neckbreaker, kipped up and then hit a standing moonsault. Hart locked in her “Hartless” submission hold (kind of like the Rings of Saturn), and Hogan tapped out.

After the match, Anna Jay ran in and brawled with Hart in the ring. Finally, the gaggle of officials came in to break up the fight. 

– Lexi Nair tried to interview Christopher Daniels, but the Blackpool Combat Club interrupted. Moxley, at first, kept Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta from attacking Daniels. But then, Moxley attacked Daniels himself, throwing him into the locker after Daniels said that Moxley still had some honor.

FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler), Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal (w/ Sonjay Dutt) defeated Tony Nese, Ari Daivari, Josh Woods & Slim J (w/ Mark Sterling) (8:08 aired)

In a noteworthy moment on commentary, Tony Schiavone said Tony Khan wasn’t happy with how Sammy Guevara won the main event of Dynamite Wednesday. This is another hint the four-way title match for Double or Nothing isn’t dead.

Slim J tried to leapfrog over Cash Wheeler, but Wheeler caught him with a powerslam. Jarrett and Lethal tagged themselves into double-team Slim J. FTR helped Jarrett and Lethal dump all their opponents, and everyone did the Fargo Strut to celebrate.

During a commercial break, miscommunication between Lethal and Wheeler gave the Varsity Athletes the advantage. Mark Briscoe was shown watching from the back. Wheeler caught Daivari with a backdrop suplex and got the tag to Dax Harwood, who cleaned house on the heels.

The match broke down with everyone brawling in the ring. Mark Sterling jumped up on the apron and tried to get involved, was soon pulled into the ring. Miscommunication between Harwood and Jarrett saw Harwood nearly get pinned by Daivari. Jarrett hit Daivari with the Stroke, and allowed Harwood to get the pinfall.

After the match, FTR and Jarrett’s crew continued to argue until Mark Briscoe came from the back to try and make peace. 

– Highlights of Orange Cassidy’s many defenses of the AEW International (and before that, All Atlantic) championship. His 20th defense of the championship will come against Bandido next Wednesday on Dynamite. 

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– New for Dynamite Wednesday: Dax Harwood will face Jeff Jarrett, The Butcher & The Blade will take on Konosuke Takeshita & Kenny Omega, and there will be an interview with Wardlow & Arn Anderson and an announcement from Tony Khan. 

El Hijo del Vikingo defeated Dralistico (w/ Rush and Preston Vance) to retain the AAA Mega Championship (11:28)

Dralistico caught Vikingo with a tope con hilo before he even got in the ring. Vikingo missed his own dive onto the floor, making an audible splat when he hit the floor. Clearly he's listening to the advice he's getting about picking his spots. Back in the ring, they slowed down and exchanged chops and forearms. Vikingo hit a corkscrew kick, but Dralistico came back with a snap german suplex. Vikingo hit a poisoned rana, and Dralistico came back with a springboard destroyer. This was all in the first two minutes of the match. 

After a commercial break, Dralistico hit a moonsault from the middle rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Dralistico hit a springboard into a codebreaker for a near fall. Vikingo and Dralistico fought up to middle rope and exchanged forearms and slaps. The corner camera got some great shots of this action. Vikingo hit a headbutt to send Dralistico to the apron, and Vikingo followed him down to deliver a Canadian Destroyer.

The referee caught Rush and Vance attacking Vikingo on the floor and sent them to the back. Dralistico got a near fall with a rollup. Vikingo hit a spinning kick and came off the top with a double stomp for a near fall. Dralistcio caught Vikingo (who was hung up in the ropes) with a rana that sent them both to the floor.

Back in the ring, Dralistico tried to get the submisison with an armbar, but Vikingo made the ropes. Vikingo hit another spinning kick and drove his knees into Draslistico in the corner. Vikingo hit a 630 senton and got the pinfall. Athletically amazing match.

After the match, the LFI came back to ringside and attacked Vikingo. Vance hit him with a discus lariat and the LFI celebrated their skullduggery. 

Final Thoughts: 

Jon Moxley and the main event aside, this felt like an episode of Dark.