WZR On FB Live: WWE Sabotaging All In?, ROH/NJPW At MSG, Lesnar/USADA, Rock Teases Return

On Thursday, Ryan Clark and Matt Boone returned to the airwaves for the latest daily episode of WZR on Facebook Live, which now airs every Monday through Friday at it’s new home at our affiliate website, eWrestling.com!

On yesterday’s show, the following topics were covered by the 20-year veteran pro wrestling journalists:

  • ROH/NJPW at MSG the night before WrestleMania 35
  • The Rock Teasing WWE return / His Daughter in WWE
  • Brock Lesnar/USADA Issues — Will D.C. UFC Fight Even Happen?
  • Paul Heyman Writing RAW Segments
  • WWE Sabotaging All In event?

Check out Thursday’s episode of WZR on Facebook Live by clicking here.

You can also watch the entire episode via Facebook by clicking here.

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WZR on Facebook Live with Ryan Clark and Matt Boone airs LIVE every Monday-Friday starting at 6pm EST. / 5pm CST. We post the full archive immediately after the show concludes, at its’ new home at our affiliate website at eWrestling.com.

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