Wyatt Family/Dudleyz Feud To Continue, Cornette Catching Heat For Old Promo

– Jim Cornette is getting some heat after WYMT-TV posted a 30-year old wrestling promo from Cornette where he mocks people buying their Thanksgiving meals with food stamps. You can check out the promo above.

– WWE appears to be going forward with a feud between The Wyatt Family and The Dudley Boyz following the attack angles on this week’s RAW and SmackDown shows. WWE.com posted the following teaser for Monday’s RAW:

“We don’t want to imagine what Thanksgiving is like in the Wyatt compound, but The Eater of Worlds and his cruel kin gorged themselves on destruction this past Thursday on SmackDown, where they destroyed D-Von Dudley and sent his brother Bubba Ray through a table — using The Dudley Boyz’ own pine-splintering pastime against them.

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman have twice obliterated Dudleyville’s favorite sons since Survivor Series, but something tells us the macabre quartet is just getting started. What sinister plans do The Wyatt Family have for Raw?”

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