WWE's Creative Plans for WrestleMania 34 Universal Title Main Event Match

— The latest installment of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicates that despite recent concerns that Roman Reigns will be further implicated in the steroid allegations that are hounding him, the plan remains for Reigns to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and win the Universal title from him.

— This is a direction that WWE has invested in for well over a year and Reigns’ latest promo on Monday where he seemed to shoot on Lesnar is to try and build Lesnar as the heel and Reigns as the face heading into their match. The goal is that when Reigns finally kicks out of the F5 and pins Lesnar, it will lead to a huge babyface pop in front of the enormous WrestleMania audience. In fact, WWE has been protecting Lesnar and his F5 for months now as they want Reigns to be the one to finally do it and take down the Beast.

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