WWE Website Runs Sabu Feature, Paul Heyman, RVD & Others Comment

The official WWE website recently added a new featured article on ECW original Sabu called, “An extreme revolutionary: How Sabu changed wrestling and everyone forgot.” The article features comments from Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam, John Cena, Seth Rollins and others.

Below is an excerpt from the article, which features Heyman talking about whether or not Sabu gets the credit he deserves.

“To this day, the innovator is still the master of his craft. When Sabu was at his best, no one could touch him.”

“Whether Sabu gets the credit in history he deserves, the answer is no. But who do you blame for that? Do you blame the curator of the industry, WWE, for not acknowledging the contributions that Sabu made? Do you blame Sabu for not staying healthy enough to force history to acknowledge his contributions? Do you blame the audience who only sings the praises of Sabu crashing through tables, and not all the many other ways Sabu was so unique at his height?”

“The reality of history is that others will take snippets of the style, incorporate it into another groundbreaking presentation and then get credit for implementing a new way to bring sports-entertainment to the masses.”

You can check out the complete article at WWE.com.

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