WWE U.K. Tapings Results from May 7, 2017 (Spoilers)

— These will likely air on the WWE Network either later this month or early next month:

Results by: f4wonline.com

– Before the show started, PROGRESS Wrestling co-owner Jim Smallman cut a promo for the live crowd. He said 2017 is the year for British wrestling and acknowledged the chants from last night and made a joke of them. He interacted with those in the crowd who weren’t there at night one.
TV taping results —

– Wolfgang defeated Joseph Conners

This was a lengthy match and Conners controlled most of it. He repeatedly ignored the ref’s requests during the match. Wolfgang caught Conners coming off the second rope with a gut check at one point. The story of the match was Wolfgang selling his ribs after being worked on, but he eventually won with a Swanton Bomb.

– Brian Kendrick & TJP defeated Dan Moloney & Rich Swann

Moloney was over with the crowd after last night, with the audience again chanting “Dan, Dan, Dan.” TJP was taunting the crowd during the early part of the match and thought he was attacking the arm of Moloney over the rope, but turned around to realize that he was doing it to Kendrick. The crowd was very pro-Kendrick during the match as well.

Swann got a hot tag to Moloney after a short time and the crowd chanted “Dan” to each move Moloney hit before he was cut off again by TJP. Kendrick pinned Moloney with a cradle and a handful of tights. Swann and Moloney danced for the crowd after the match.

– Tyson T-Bone defeated Saxon Huxley

T-Bone started the match trying to box with Huxley. The match was short and not very good at all. T-Bone won with a top rope draping DDT.

– Akira Tozawa defeated Tony Nese

This was a very good match. The crowd loved Tozawa and did his battle cry chant during his entrance. After some early offense from Tozawa, Nese took over and tried to submit him with a torture rack. Tozawa escaped but was cut off again and Nese did a springboard moonsault off of the second rope from the outside and into the ring.

There was a really good sequence late into the match with them trading kicks and counters. Nese got the better of it with a double foot stomp to Tozawa on the mat. Nese eventually missed a 450 and Tozawa hit a Saito suplex for two before winning with a senton off the top rope.

– Triple H came out for a promo. The crowd chanted “We want Mania” at him. He acknowledged some of the crowd. He thanked the UK fans for making the shows possible. He said WWE will continue coming back if the fans keep coming to the shows.

– Sam Gradwell defeated James Drake

They had a basic match, with the crowd chanting multiple different things at both. Gradwell won with a diving headbutt.

– Pete Dunne defeated Trent Seven in a number one contender’s match to earn a UK title shot at NXT TakeOver: Chicago

Dunne was introduced as the PROGRESS Wrestling Champion and came out with the belt. He worked on Seven’s arms early in the match. He trapped Seven’s bandaged arm in the steel steps and kicked them while on the outside. He continued working over Seven when they were back in the ring until Seven fired back with chops, a DDT, and a suicide dive.

Dunne countered Seven’s offense, with them eventually brawling on the outside and trading shots on the apron before Seven gave Dunne a German suplex on it. After some more back and forth action, Dunne won with the Bitter End.

He got on the mic after the match and told us people would get hurt and that he’ll win the title at TakeOver “by any means necessary.”

– United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate defeated Mark Andrews to retain his title

This was a really good main event. It had lots of counters and “This is awesome” and “British wrestling” chants throughout.

They felt each other out in the early part of the match before having a lot of good back and forth. Andrews went for a shooting star press near the finish, but Bate countered with two knees and followed up with a rolling kick and the Tyler Driver ’97 for the win.

Dunne attacked Andrews on the ramp after the match, which brought out William Regal. Dunne and Bate had a staredown in the ring with Regal watching on as well. Bate posed for the fans and Regal raised his hand, then left while clapping and bowing out of respect to Bate. Bate waved to the crowd and left.

– We were thanked for attending. They announced that the shows will be on the WWE Network later this month.

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