WWE Rumors: Vince's Thoughts on Ultimate Deletion; Lesnar/Reigns Segment on Raw

— Michael Cole’s comments before the “Ultimate Deletion” match, specifically apologizing for what the audience was about to see, was a directive straight from Vince McMahon. When we asked about it, a source in WWE said that not only does Vince remain “lukewarm” on any and all ideas that don’t originate in WWE, but he likely didn’t have high expectations going in that WWE fans would like the segment.

— One of the reasons Vince ended up on board with evolving to the “Broken Universe” characters is merchandise sales as it is a foregone conclusion that the Hardys will sell a ton with the character refresh.

— There were some people backstage who felt that Brock Lesnar attacking Roman Reigns “went on for far too long” if the goal is to get Reigns over as a face. At least a few people believed that when Lesnar came out after leaving once, there was a real risk that fans would start cheering for him.

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