WWE RAW Results – August 18, 2014

Stephanie McMahon & The Bella Twins Open RAW

The post SummerSlam edition of WWE RAW opens up with highlights of last night’s pay-per-view, covering every match on the show and all of the finishes. From there, we shoot live inside the arena in Las Vegas and immediately we hear Daniel Bryan’s theme song.

Instead of Bryan coming out, however, Stephanie McMahon comes out with a “Steph! Steph! Steph!” t-shirt in the same design as Bryan’s “Yes! Yes! Yes!” shirt. She skips down to the ring doing the “Yes!” chant. Once she enters the ring, her normal theme hits and we shoot to the announce table who run down what happened with Nikki Bella in the Steph-Brie Bella match last night at SummerSlam.

Stephanie talks about how successful SummerSlam was last night, noting that it was more critically acclaimed on social media than WrestleMania was. She says they will be awarding the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt to Brock Lesnar. She then talks about Lesnar’s brutal, one-sided beat down of John Cena.

She goes on to discuss how Chris Jericho learned a lesson in humility in a losing effort against Bray Wyatt. She talks about Dean Ambrose losing to “Mr. Money In The Bank himself.” She says by far the biggest loser of the night was her opponent, Brie Bella. She says she learned first-hand that you do not mess with The Authority. She says The Authority never loses and we can re-watch what happened last night on the WWE Network “for only $9.99.”

Steph goes on to thank her husband Triple H for “being her rock” and for always standing by her side, unlike Daniel Bryan, who cheated on Brie Bella because he realized who she finally is. She says here’s the person who knows Brie the best. With that said, she brings out Nikki Bella.

Nikki Bella comes out in a hot dress and walks to the ring with a sour-puss look on her face. When she gets in the ring, the chants break out in Las Vegas, with everyone chanting “you sold out.” Stephanie asks for Nikki’s point of view on what she did last night. At first, Nikki’s microphone doesn’t work but she doesn’t seem to realize it. Eventually, they get the mic working.

Nikki says originally it was supposed to be The Bella Twins against the world. The fans are hitting Nikki with the “what?” chants after every thing she says. Nikki says Brie didn’t turn out to be the person she had hoped she would. She says ever since they were kids everything was always about Brie. She brings up the Total Divas storyline by saying Brie always tells her she’ll never get married.

Stephanie chimes in and asks if Brie tried to beat Nikki to the alter to rub it in her face. Nikki says yes and then insults Daniel Bryan’s physical appearance and talks about how he cheated on her. Stephanie brags some more about beating Brie and then does another “$9.99” plug. Nikki pretends to get emotional and says she’s stressed out over this situation. She says she could say she lost a sister, but she never really had one. She says now that she doesn’t have the burden of Brie around her neck she is free.

As Steph and Nikki continue to talk, out walks Brie Bella in her “Brie Mode” shirt. The fans chant “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as she makes her way to the ring. She tells Nikki she loves her and that they’re sisters. She says Nikki has ruined the family. She says she can forgive her. Nikki says “you can forgive me?!” and then bitch-slaps her down to the ground. She says “I will never forgive you.” Brie gets emotional and leaves the ring crying and holding her face where Nikki just slapped her. The segment ends with dead silence. Pretty moving stuff.

Big Show & Mark Henry vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

As we head to our first commercial break of the evening, we are informed by the announcers that up next will be a tag-team match. It will be the new duo of Mark Henry and Big Show taking on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. We head to break.

When we return from commercial, after a quick replay of what just went down between The Bella Twins in the opener, the music of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan plays and out come The Wyatt Family members to the ring. After that, Big Show’s music hits and out he comes with Mark Henry. The two walk to the ring together for this tag-team bout.

Show and Henry dominate the action early on, taking turns beating down both of The Wyatt Family members. As Harper and Rowan are knocked out to the outside of the ring on the floor, we head to a mid-match commercial.

We return from the break and not much has changed, as we see Harper rolling out to the floor as Show stands tall in the ring. On that note, however, Harper rolls back in the ring and manages to get in some offense against “The World’s Largest Athlete.” Harper and Rowan double-team Show and knock him out to the floor.

Harper and Rowan are now taking turns beating up Big Show, keeping him isolated in the ring as they utilize quick-tags to keep a fresh guy on the big man. At one point, Rowan actually scoops Big Show up with relative ease and slams him down. The crowd popped for that pretty big. They show some replays of it as well.

Big Show finally catches Rowan with a DDT to slow him down, allowing him to make the tag to Mark Henry. Henry takes the hot tag and is cleaning house of anything in sight. Henry goes for The World’s Strongest Slam, but Harper interfered and helped Rowan avoid it and regain offensive control.

As Harper and Rowan were double-teaming Henry, Big Show re-enters the picture and catches one of them with a knockout punch. Henry follows up with The World’s Strongest Slam on the other for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Big Show & Mark Henry

What’s On Tap For Tonight?

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz in a SummerSlam rematch for the Intercontinental Championship is announced for later tonight, as well as a big six-man tag-team match with Sheamus, Roman Reigns and Rob Van Dam taking on the trio of Ryback, Curtis Axel and Randy Orton. On that note, we head to another commercial.

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