WWE Live Event Results (12/29/19) – Hershey, PA

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Hershey, PA RAW Brand Results – 12/29/2019

Pre-Show: A family won a contest to be escorted to their ringside seats by a WWE superstar. That superstar: No Way Jose. They looked less than thrilled.

Match 1: Triple Threat Tag Team Championship. The Viking Raiders over Streets Profits & The OC. Boring match anytime the Hoss Raiders were in, as they just grunted and threw their opponents out of the ring. Street Profits were pretty over (Yawn). The OC worked the crowd for some heat.

Match 2: Drew Mac over No Way Jose. Drew dominated most of the match. Good heel heat for Drew.

Match 3: Aliester Black over Buddy Murphy. Murphy will some great heel work on the mic to get the crowd stewed up. (Haven’t watched RAW for sometime, is he given any mic time?) Black was over with the crowd and some small chants for Murphy. A much better match than expected. This should would have been a better opener.

Match 4: No contest for AJ vs Orton. Some reports claim it was a botched finish, but it was not. It happened maybe 5 minutes into the match. Orton’s knee gave out. And the X sign from the ref went up very quickly. A few refs and trainers ran out. You could tell it was very bad. AJ looked concerned, then was told to bounce by a ref. Took about 15 minutes for Orton to get up (with help from 2 or 3 others) and walk back to the ring, very slowly. Thank you Randy chants as he left.

UPDATE: This is now being reported as a work. If that is a case, they did a damn good job of it. Call me impressed. I have not watched RAW in a few months, so was clueless if this was part of any storyline.

No fill-in match. Or another opponent for AJ. Both were super over.

Match 5: Becky over Charlotte & Asuka in a Triple Threat Match for the Women’s belt. Of course Becky was mega over. During Charlotte’s entrance to the ring, it looked as if her balloons were about to pop out, she pushed them back in and it was caught on the big screen in the arena for a big pop. Any time there were Becky chants, the smarks tried to start Asuka chants and kept yelling that she was a better wrestler. Guess what smarks? Nobody cared. It was a house show aimed at kids. Becky spent a lot of time going around the rows of fans and taking selfies, signing junk, giving away her gear, etc. About 10 minutes of that, so hearing her theme on repeat got annoying quick, but props for Becky to take the time with quite a few fans.


A young girl (maybe 11) appeared on stage. It was her birthday they was announced. The Street Profits came out and gave her a ton of swag. She couldn’t stop crying. I wasn’t sure if she was crying because she was happy or the fact that 3 (TSP & announcer) kept hugging her.

Match 6: R-Truth over The Singhs in a 2-on-1 handicap tag match for the 24/7 Championship. Truth came out and worked over the crowd pretty good to get them back into it after the break Someone yelled “Where’s Carmella?” And Truth stopped his What’s Up crowd hype to answer him. Said she is on Smackdown and they are still friends. One of the Singhs rolled up Truth for the win. Then the other Singh rolled him up for the win. Then Truth rolled Singh #2 up for the win and ran away. Typical comedy match.

Match 7: Andrade w/ TNA’s Rosita over Ricochet & Lashley w/ Lana in a Triple Threat match for the US strap. Lana out first in a skin tight skirt. How she kept it over that booty puzzled many. Good heel heat. Rusev Day chants broke out. Match was mostly Lashley and Andrade teaming up and beating up ‘chet. At one point, Vega speared Lana and every male with and pulse stood up to see if that junk in the trunk popped out. Nope. Lana and Lashley got the most heat. Ricochet was a bit over, not as much as I expected.

Match 8: Rollins over KO in a NO HOLDS BARRED Match. AOP out with Seth, he told them to go in the back. Lots of stalling for Seth to start, KO got on the mic to tell him he sucks and is a little bitch. Match was OKAY, I think a lot of us expected a 5 star match from them as the MAIN EVENT. Chairs were used a bit thru out the match. An overwhelming amount of WE WANT TABLES CHANTS. Seth wouldn’t let KO bring it in the ring.

AOP ran out, cost KO the match. They brought in the table. Samoa’s Joe music hit for a huge pop. They both cleared the ring except for one of the AOPers. Joe put him thru the table to send the crowd home happy. KO got on the mic, put over Joe, called Seth back out. Talked some smack to him and said he and Joe would be taking on Seth & AOP on RAW IS WAR the next night.

Decent house show on a rainy night in the tourist trap town called Hershey, PA. Great show for kids. Kinda boring for any hardcore mark. No return dates announced. Hershey has not gotten a TV taping in a few years now. I would say about 5000 fans in the Giant Center which holds about 10,500.

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