WWE Battleground PPV Faces Major Technical Problems Due To Power Outage

WWE experienced some pay-per-view problems just prior to the start of the WWE Championship main event between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at Sunday’s WWE Battleground show.

As the Bryan vs. Orton video package aired prior to the match, the pay-per-view feed cut out and immediately displayed a “We’re experiencing technical difficulties” message to the viewers at home. Apparently this was the case for all pay-per-view providers, including inDemand and DirecTV.

The pay-per-view feed returned after a few minutes, with the crowd in the middle of a “we’ve got power!” chant, and the explanation given by the announce team was that there was a power outage in Buffalo that resulted in the technical difficulties.

According to our live correspondent, Brad Maddox told everyone in the arena that the power would return in approximately three minutes. Apparently there were production crew members scrambling all over the place trying to fix the problem.

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