Tammy Sytch Elaborates On Health Issues, Jabs At Reporters For Being Wrong

After initial reports that she had suffered a seizure, WWE Hall Of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch denied the claim and noted that she simply “passed out” because she was feeling “dizzy.”

Since disputing the claim, Sytch has returned to social media to elaborate further. Below are her latest messages regarding this situation.

“To clarify the events from this afternoon, I DID NOT have a stroke. My blood sugar levels dropped to a dangerous level b/c I hadn’t eaten in 7 hours or had anything with sugar….. so I passed out. DO NOT believe everything you read or hear…. it’s mostly bulls–t. I am now home, and resting. please DO NOT bombard me with messages, calls, and text messages. I need my rest…. please respect that. Skypes will commence tomorrow night.

Update: IM FINE!! dont believe everything you read!! i had low blood sugar and got dizzy and passed out…. Im pre-diabetic…runs in my family…. so not eating or drinking anything since 9am got to me…. all my hospital tests were normal….whoever is starting rumors can suck it.

Jjust updating… eating chinese for lunch… i feel fine, but tired. the person that started the “stroke” rumors has health issues of his own, that Ive NEVER disclosed….. dont believe everything you hear or read…. please. No one knows my health issues but ME!”

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