Stephen Amell Injured While Lifting Weights

Stephen Amell (‘Arrow’) suffered an injury while training ahead of next weekend’s WWE SummerSlam PPV. Amell will team up with Neville against King Barrett and his heated rival, Stardust.

While lifting weights on Thursday, Amell accidentally hit himself in the jaw with a barbell.

He posted a video on Facebook reassuring fans he’s icing his jaw and will be fine.

“Facebook, hello,” Amell greeted his fans. “Super fired up this morning… I was training, I was doing a snatch-pull-curl… I don’t know, with a bar. I snatched it so hard that it literally cracked me in the jaw. And both my molars, indented into my tongue. I’m okay. I’m just waiting for some ice at the moment. Ice it down, take the swelling of the tongue away. Hopefully get back to speaking in a more normal voice. I’m very excited to loop my lines on Arrow today, because I don’t think I necessarily sound like me. Nothing like ringing your bell first thing in the morning.”

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