Special Offer For IMPACT+ If You Order Slammiversary

IMPACT Wrestling issued the following press release announcing a special offer for IMPACT+ if you order Slammiversary on the service. Check out the details below.

Slammiversary on Sunday, July 7th will be a night that you will not want to miss. You can join us in Dallas, TX with tickets still available. You can order on traditional Pay Per View or you can order Slammiversary on Impact+ and for the price of $39.95, you get 3 FREE Months of IMPACT+ with your order of Slammiversary!

IMPACT+ offers monthly specials like “Bash at the Brewery” or “A Night you Can’t MIST” and you can see past and current episodes of IMPACT Wrestling, plus our extensive library of past Pay Per View events.

Don’t miss out on all the IMPACT you can handle with IMPACT+ today!

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