Sean Waltman On CM Punk: "I Can Honestly See Him Showing Up In AEW"

As noted, Sean Waltman recently welcomed ECW Original and former WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam as a guest on the latest episode of his X-Pac 12360 podcast on Afterbuzz TV.

During the show, Waltman himself spoke about a recent pro wrestling news story. The WWE Hall Of Famer spoke about CM Punk returning under a mask at an independent wrestling event this past weekend.

According to Waltman, he wouldn’t be surprised at all to see “The Best in the World” turn up in All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

“‘I’m never coming back to wrestling,’ … I mean he said that over and over again,” said Waltman of Punk’s consistent claims that he will never return to the pro wrestling business after leaving WWE to pursue a pro MMA fighting career, where he currently holds a record of 0-2 in the UFC.

“History tells me that eventually he will return to wrestling,” Waltman added. “A lot of people in entertainment that mean it just as much as he does eventually come back…. Trust me he will be back, I promise you at some point CM Punk will be back involved in wrestling. And no one should go like ‘ oh see we told you’ cause it’s his life.”

Waltman continued, “And at the time he means it, when he said ‘I am never coming back’ he means it. It’s just that history shows that everyone who meant it too comes back. I can honestly see him showing up in AEW. That could be like this huge surprise that they’re waiting to drop with the announcement of a TV deal.”

For those who missed it, you can check out video footage of CM Punk’s return under a mask, as well as side-by-side comparison photos of him in the mask with a hoodie and without the mask in the same hoodie earlier in the day, by clicking here.

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  • VIDEO & COMPARISON PHOTOS: CM Punk Returns At Indy Wrestling Show Under A Mask Last Weekend

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