Scott Hall On Anderson & Gallows In WWE, Drugs In Wrestling & More

WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall recently spoke with Title Match Wrestling about former New Japan Pro Wrestling stars Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, who worked with Hall’s son Cody Hall in the Bullet Club, defecting to WWE.

“I’m happy for Anderson and Gallows. Anderson is kind of like Arn, the mannerisms in the ring. Gallows was Festus before, and he did that pretty cool. He’s talented, I like him. Anybody who shows love for my kid, I got love for. Cody told me that a lot of time sponsors take them out and he holds court, he’s so funny.”

Hall also spoke about how he’s happy that his son is around top guys, such as AJ Styles, who don’t drink or do drugs, something he points out wasn’t the same when he was coming up in the business.

“I’m really happy that Cody got to hang out with (AJ Styles). AJ’s one of those guys that don’t drink, don’t do drugs. Like the Young Bucks. I’m just happy that my son is around guys on top who do that. They still go out and have fun, but I came up in an era where all the top guys drank and did drugs.”

You can check out the complete Scott Hall interview with Title Match Wrestling above.

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