Sanders Talks 'Political Revolution' in Iowa as Clinton Declares: 'I'm Baaack'

Appearing at a fundraising event for outgoing U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) on Sunday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the gathered crowd of Democratic Party supporters, “Hello, Iowa. I’m baaaack!”

Regarding the widely held assumption that Clinton will run for president in 2016, she addressed the issue most directly by saying, “It is true I am thinking about it.”

Though the clear front-runner in all polls that have so far tracked the next presidential election, Clinton is not without a potential Democratic or Independent challenger from her left flank. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)—who has voiced repeatedly his belief that a populist sentiment is pervasive nationwide—was also in Iowa over the weekend and talked once again about his “serious” contemplation over a run at the nation’s top office.

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On Saturday night, Sanders held an event for approximately 450 people at Grace United Methodist Church in Des Moines and on Sunday afternoon held a Town Hall event at the Center for the Arts in Waterloo.

Time magazine’s Jay Newton-Small attended the event on Saturday in Des Moines and reported:

 And the Sioux City Journal covered the town hall meeting in Waterloo:

Appearing on Meet the Press on Sunday, Sanders spoke plainly about the shortcomings of the Democratic Party leadership, the need for a candidate willing to take on the power of Wall Street and the corrupting influence of money in politics, his vision for a winning populist agenda, and what it would actually take for a progressive candidate to win.

“For me to win, it would require a grassroots effort on the part of literally millions of people. Unprecedented,” Sanders said. “What we need now is a political revolution.”



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