RVD Says Nobody Does Entertainment Like WWE, Talks About WWE's Progression

Rob Van Dam recently spoke to News.com.au to promote the upcoming WWE tour of Australia. During the discussion, Van Dam talked about how nobody does sports entertainment quite as good as WWE.

Van Dam said, “I’ve been doing this so long that I am privy to a lot of changes. When I started out there were many different companies … you could leave and go to a different territory and there were so many different styles. What we have now is WWE has survived the test of time and all the other companies have fallen off the face of the earth.”

RVD continued, “Now the WWE is a hybrid of all the different kinds of wrestling. I kid you not, it really is the cream of the crop, the best in the business. If you’re not in the WWE and bouncing around in the Indy shows you’re not with the best.”

Check out the complete interview at News.com.au.

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