Raw's Viewership Numbers Tumble Due to Presidential Debate

— Last night’s Raw, despite being the day after WWE’s Clash of Champions PPV, saw only 2.46 million viewers tune into the show – an all-time low mark. For comparison, last week the viewership was at 2.68 million.

— The final rating, which has yet to be released, will no doubt also set a record for the lowest Monday night wrestling rating ever.

— The presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton no doubt was the biggest reason for the low number, and evidently the debate adversely affected other programming even worse: Monday Night Football drew only 8.05 million viewers, down from 12.14 million and 12.96 million the prior two weeks.

— The three hour breakdowns were:

8 pm: 2.85 million viewers
9 pm: 2.38 million viewers
10 pm: 2.20 million viewers

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