RAW Ratings & Viewership Data: How Did RAW Do Leading Into Hell In A Cell?

The 10/21 episode of WWE RAW leading into Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay per-view fell to a 2.71 and averaged 3.825 million viewers.

The rating was down 6% from last week’s 2.88 and viewership was down 4% from last week’s 3.992 million viewers.

Here’s the hourly viewership breakdown:

Hour 1: 3.914 million viewers
Hour 2: 3.802 million viewers
Hour 3: 3.759 million viewers

Viewership dropped each hour throughout the show, which is never good.

RAW had some competition on cable on Monday night, going up against the “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” special on VH-1, which drew 4.5 million viewers up against the second hour of RAW.

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