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From: Wendy

I am a huge Shield fan. Jonathan Good AKA Dean Ambrose is a very talented
guy that has a long wrestling future in front of him. Of course, that is if
he stays healthy and away from drugs and alcohol. My question is about his
voice. He has a very unique sound. Does he do this for TV or is that his
natural voice?

Cewsh: While he seems to exaggerate it a bit on tv, (as most wrestlers do,) that does seem to be his normal voice. Here’s a recent interview with him for reference:

From: Brett W.

Alright WM 30 is coming up and is it me or is EVERYONE rumored to be on that
card? I mean you’re talking about trying to fit the 6 main eventers from last
year which is Rock, Brock, Triple H, Taker, Cena, and Punk. Then who have
guys who are a lot more over and either in or going to be in the main event
scene this year than last year Orton, Bryan, Sandow, and Ziggler. Then you
have your veterans that have been in the main event scene with plenty of star
power: Y2J, RVD, Sheamus, Kane, Henry, Show, and Del Rio. 2 factions: The
Shield and The Wyatt’s. Then a whole slew of names that are rumored as a
possible return for the spectacle such as Austin, Batista, Goldberg, and
Sting being the top ones. My question is how do they plan to squeeze all that
star power in??

Cewsh: The unfortunate answer to that question is that a lot of people are going to be left out in the cold, just like they are every year. Ziggler, Sandow, Del Rio, Rhodes, and numerous others will be extremely lucky to get on the show at all, and that’s part of the major criticism that many people level at WWE these days. That the part timers come in during the most lucrative time of the year and steal spots from the guys who work hard all year to earn their spot. That’s rotten, but on the other hand, the part timers are the safer options in main events, and WWE hinges their entire fiscal year on the performance of Wrestlemania. So it’s a tricky situation for all parties involved.

But yeah, I wouldn’t wear your Ziggler shirt to the Wrestlemania party you attend. Chances are, he’ll be one of many riding the bench until May.

From: Anupam

Name a few things you think will make TNA better.

Cewsh: I don’t think that the second coming of Lou Thesz could help TNA at this point. For years we’ve all discussed what TNA could do to improve as a company and make progress, but the company is far beyond any kind of simple fix. This is an promotion with such staggering organizational problems that only a completely new slate could ever hope to fully remove the stink of the past 12 years from the product and everyone involved with it.

I say all of this with a great deal of regret because I was a huge, huge TNA believer in their better days, and I rode those waves to the bitter end, always hoping that the tide might eventually turn. But it’s time to stop hoping that TNA will find a magical potion to make things right. This company is a shambling corpse piloted by people who don’t understand how legs work. Just hope that the rumors of Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion come to fruition and that all of your favorite TNA wrestlers defect there as soon as possible.

From: Dino Bravo

Why won’t WWE bring back the brand extension? Seems they have more than
enough talent/titles to make both shows worth watching. They could even
create a new title called the NOT CENA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP…and then
put it on Cena.

Cewsh: If you want to be TECHNICAL, the brand split still does exist, though it’s anybody’s guess as to who it even affects at this point. But the problem with the brand split was never the lack of talent and titles. It was the strain it put on the writers and production staff to essentially run two wrestling promotions at the same time. Ultimately, I think we can call it a failed experiment, even if it did give a spotlight to guys who wouldn’t have had it otherwise, (Eddie Guerrero, CM Punk, etc.)

From: Max Martinez

Other than WrestleMania 31, does WWE ever visit San Francisco? I see them in
Oakland and San Jose but never S.F.

Cewsh: So you mean OTHER than the biggest and best show you could possibly have in your town? The general consensus is that the arenas in Oakland and San Jose are more convenient for WWE, which is why they run them more frequently.

From: Gaming Mill

Hello from England!

Just a couple of questions for you that I hope you can answer:

1) Is it true that Jake ‘The Rake’ Roberts nearly died once from trying to
win a bet in a bar where he was challenged to eat a pound of uncooked rice
but in doing so it swelled up in his belly after it absorbed all the beer and
he had to have his stomach pumped?

2) My mate says it isn’t but I think it is true about Kane – can you please
set the record straight about this?

C) Is the Paul Bearer thing all just a work? My mate says it is and that
he’ll make a surprise appearance at Wrestlemario 30 but I said this to him:

4) How many sausages could Mick Foliage eat in minute? I know he likes pork
ribs (I think I read it in a book) so he must like fast eating sausages. I
say he could manage eight in a minute. Can you find out the answer for this


1) No.
2) Also no.
3) I need some word stronger than “no” to apply to that.
4) I asked him on your behalf. He did not respond. Let your imagination be your guide.

From: Mitchell

Been a very regular visitor to this site since about 1998. Love it! Anyway, as quick as I can…I’m watching Bret vs Shawn on Netflix, and at about 11:20mins into it they show The Rockers in an old clip. Who is that guy that Michaels hip tosses?
Looks like Goldust, but I looked up his debut…against Marty Jannety in 1995,
right? So who is that wrestler? I know a lot of wrestler and been watching 25 years
or so…it must be Goldust :/ but I’m not sure lol. Appreciate any help.

Cewsh: The gentleman in the gold that you’re seeing is actually one half of Los Conquistadors. They were a jobber tag team in the late 80s who are best remembered for something they weren’t even an actual part of, when Edge and Christian won the tag team titles while in Conquistador outfits.

From: Steve

Would I be able to sign up for WWE Network and immediately watch the Rumble
and Elimination Chamber PPV as well as the month of RAWs between Rumble and
Elimination chamber (thereby saving myself $ ordering the PPVs)

Bottom line: Will Royal Rumble 2014 Elimination Chamber and the RAWs in
between be immediately available on the new WWE Network??

Cewsh: We don’t have a perfect idea of exactly what content will be on the WWE Network at launch, but it seems like a safe bet that both of the 2014 PPVs will be available immediately, in addition to whatever portion of WWE’s overall library we receive. All I can say yes to is that you’ll be able to watch the Raws leading up to the launch.

From: Jake

Do you think that a bryan and lesnar feud would work?

Cewsh: This is our reader participation question of the week!

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To send in a question to the Rajah.com Mailbag, contact us here and ensure you select the mailbag drop down.

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