‘Pure maths’: Arteta uses crossing stat to forecast goals

Mikel Arteta insists Arsenal’s lack of goals is a problem that has been affecting the club “for years” and used a crossing statistic to provide hope of an imminent upturn in fortunes.

Arsenal have scored just ten goals in ten Premier League games this season, leaving them languishing in the bottom half on just 13 points.

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored a large proportion of the Gunners’ goals in recent seasons and his lack of form is hampering the side.

But Arteta insists the pressure on his captain must be relieved and the rest of the team must step up to lend a hand in the goalscoring stakes.

“Well, there are many factors, if you compare the Premier League with the Europa League, it’s different,” Arteta said.

“If you look in the last few years, how the team has shared the goals in the Premier League, it’s been quite limited. That’s not an issue that is happening now, it’s an issue that’s been happening for years.

“That has to be resolved. To put almost 80 per cent of that responsibility on one man is not fair. As a team, we have to resolve that.


“As a team, we get into a lot of situations and sometimes the service is not right, sometimes the timing is not right, sometimes the last execution is not right but as a team there are certain things that we have to do better.

“We’ve been winning matches producing similar numbers but we’ve been very efficient. That sometimes is a state of energy, a state of mind, a state of confidence that you are doing everything right.

“When it gets to the moment you hit [the ball] and it doesn’t hit the post, and if it does hit the post, it goes in. That’s the difference.

“Football in the end is about the cohesion and the energy and belief of the team. When you lose games that gets touched and that’s one of the beauties of this sport, how you react against that adversity.”

But Arteta then offered a defence of his team’s attacking play, using crossing statistics to explain why their luck in front of goal is going to turn soon.

He added: “I think it’s first time in the Premier League that we put 33 crosses.

“I’m telling you that if we do that more consistently we are going to score more goals.

“If we put the bodies we had in certain moments in the box, it’s maths, pure maths & it will happen.”

Life begins at 30. So did this lot’s time in the Premier League. Have we missed any golden oldies?

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