Orton Says He Expects To Take Lots Of Suplexes On Sunday, Speaks On His Idols, More

WWE’s Scott Standford interviewed Randy Orton on the PIX 11 Morning News in New York City today, where they promoted Sunday’s SummerSlam event and the idea that he’s never crossed paths with Brock Lesnar before.

Orton says he’s never gotten in the ring with Lesnar (he has) because Lesnar “took off.” Orton talked about Lesnar being “very successful” in the UFC, and said he wants to face Lesnar because he’s the biggest dog in the yard and Orton has something to prove. Orton admitted he’s fully aware he’ll be going to “Suplex City,” and feels he can survive 20 suplexes and hit an RKO for the finish.

Although SummerSlam this Sunday is in New York, Orton says his favorite place to wrestle so far is Seoul, South Korea. Orton says he’s never seen a crowd as lively as the ones there.

The Viper also talked about his influences in pro wrestling, saying that he idolized his father and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

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