More Rumors on Hardys/Anthem Trademark Battle & Great Balls of Fire/SummerSlam

— It was earlier reported that the Hardys were close to acquiring rights to the “broken” gimmick from Anthem Sports in what has been a messy legal battle up to this point. A recent report from, however, indicates that the the two sides are actually far apart in negotiations and that the word backstage at the recent Impact/GFW tapings is that it is “much closer to the opposite with the two sides remaining very much at odds.”

— We also noted via Wrestling Observer Radio, that the plan as of now was still to have Roman Reigns face Brock Lesnar moved up from the originally proposed WrestleMania main event to SummerSlam. A report at indicates that those plans were “never discussed” and that Reigns vs. Lesnar is still on for next year. The report goes on to say that Braun Strowman is expected to win the Ambulance Match and then move forward to battle Lesnar at SummerSlam.

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