More Details on What Other Key People Were Told About Reigns Situation

— According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Roman Reigns reportedly found out about his leukemia diagnosis on or just before 10/18 because that is the day that Vince McMahon first found out. The next day – on Friday – the other key people began finding out so that they could start making plans on how to move forward without Reigns on the show.

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— Approximately an hour before Raw, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were told that Reigns would be forfeiting the Universal title during the opening but they weren’t given the reason – only told that it would “all be explained” during his interview. Reigns told Ambrose and Rollins to be ready to come out and meet him after his promo concluded but he also decided not tell them anything about what he was going to say.

— It is believed that Michael Cole also knew that Raw would be opening with the Roman Reigns interview and that he would be relinquishing the title but like the others, he probably didn’t know any specifics. It’s unclear if he told Corey Graves or Renee Young beforehand on what was about to go down.

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