Merson names ‘dangerous thing’ about Arsenal and ‘atrocious’ duo

Paul Merson doesn’t see how Arsenal “can beat Tottenham this weekend” with Willian and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang off form.

Willian was man of the match on his Premier League debut for Arsenal as they brushed Fulham aside in September but since then he’s only managed one assist.

Likewise Aubameyang, who scored 22 Premier League goals for the Gunners last term, has been poor with only two goals and an assist to his name in ten Premier League starts.

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And Merson thinks Mikel Arteta has now lost all of his “go-to players” and can’t see Arsenal getting a result against Spurs this weekend.

Merson told the Daily Star: “Mikel Arteta is struggling because his go-to players haven’t turned up this season and that is a big, big problem.

“I don’t see how my old club can beat Tottenham this weekend. They are too predictable and getting nothing from their stars.

“Willian has not got going at all, and is having a real nightmare. And Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been atrocious.

“What does he bring to the party? Absolutely nothing at the moment. You need big performances from your big players when things aren’t going well. Arsenal aren’t getting that. That’s a dangerous thing.


“Has Aubameyang relaxed too much after signing his contract? Only he can answer that. But he’s not earning his money.”

Merson added: “I don’t even think they have a plan to get players like Aubameyang and Willian on the ball. They hardly touch it in some games.

“If you touch the ball 80 times in a game, you are going to do at least 10 good things.

“But I watch him in the Premier League and at the moment, Aubameyang is doing absolutely nothing at all. You have got to get them into the game. Get them more involved somehow. Arsenal are a bit too predictable.

“If Aubameyang plays in the North London Derby, he really needs to show up. And if he doesn’t, Arsenal have to find a solution.”


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