Mark Jindrak Talks About His WWE Release, Being Pulled From Evolution & More reader Phil Johnson sent along the following:

Former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak, who is now known as Marco Corleone has joined and will be publishing columns on his career, pro wrestling and more. In Corleone’s debut column, he goes in-depth and explains what he’s been up to since his WWE release and leaving America. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“On July 5, 2005, I received the call from then head of talent John Laranitus, saying that WWE had released me. It sure was a weird feeling. Wrestling was the only real job I had ever held. Was it the end? Was my career going to be best remembered for a “Reflection of Perfection” gimmick? Or would I be remembered as the henchman in the Kurt Angle faction along with Luther Reigns? Actually what most people now remember about my WWE days is something that never happened. I was locked and ready to be the fourth member of the prestigious group Evolution. But…. at the last moment they pulled the plug on me and later replaced me with Batista. Damn!! (Ron Simmons voice) haha.

“Now I wasn’t just going to quit. Shortly after my release in ’05, I linked up with Matt Morgan and we did numerous tours to Japan as a tag team in New Japan and Hustle. This went on til early 2006. I had decent success but the truth of the matter was Japan wasn’t for me. The tours were few are far between, jet lag and long flights killed me and the language barrier was really difficult. Although I loved Japan, I didn’t think it was a place that I would further my wrestling career.”

You can read Mark Jindrak’s column, “Marco in Mexico with Mark Jindrak” in its entirety at

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