Liverpool boss Klopp warns Southgate ‘will get what we give him’

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has warned England boss Gareth Southgate he will have a problem for Euro 2020 as he will “get what he is given” by Premier League clubs if the current three-substitute rule persists.

Klopp has been the most vocal proponent of a return to having the option to make five changes during a match, in line with what happened after lockdown ended last season.

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However, despite him and a number of other managers supporting the move there was no vote on it at this week’s Premier League meeting.

“I’m not surprised. I told you that in the managers’ meeting (in November) if we would have voted that day, which we were not allowed to, it would have been through 100 per cent with 15 or 16 votes,” he said.

“That it didn’t happen since then is a sign some shareholders and CEOs and sporting directors see differently from their managers.

“That is not a good sign, really, to be honest. These people now really ignore player welfare.

“Now pretty much all teams have to play every three days, it will be massive for everybody from now on and every team will feel the difference.

“And next summer it will become a problem for Gareth Southgate. Most of the players Gareth wants to pick play (European) football, pretty much all.

“Gareth will get what we give him if we stick with three subs. If we stick with three subs, he has a problem then, so it is an FA problem.”

Klopp also responded to former Manchester United defender Gary Neville, who said the current situation is making the division more competitive.

“I heard now Gary Neville said I didn’t understand it. I can’t remember what he said exactly but it’s not about Liverpool,” he added.

“Whatever he thinks is maybe evidence of of how he would do it, how he would deal with a situation like that.

“But he cannot, or should not think I am like him because I am not like him. I speak about all the players.”


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