Liverpool boss Klopp made decision to sign Jota three years ago

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says it was “clear” that he would try to sign Diogo Jota as soon as he saw him play for Wolves for the first time.

Eyebrows were briefly raised as Liverpool paid Wolves £40million for the Portugal international, but he’s quickly proven his worth. We should have known better than to doubt them.

He already has nine goals and his form has sparked speculation as to whether he could break up Liverpool’s fabled front three in the long term.

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And Klopp has revealed how he was so impressed with what he saw from Jota – who first played for Wolves in 2017 – in his early days at Molineux that he knew he would sign him one day.

Speaking to UEFA, Klopp said: “Diogo, I liked, honestly, from the first game I saw him playing for Wolves. That’s how it is.

“He had no idea about that, obviously, but for me it was always clear that when he was kind of in reach, I would go for him because he’s very, very interesting and had an exciting career so far: what he did, where he’s come from, the moves he made, bam bam bam.

“I liked the discipline he showed, plus the creativity he showed, plus the desire he showed. And his skills are pretty good anyway, so I got a lot of good signs before we signed him that it could work out.”

When asked recently about Jota’s integration into the Liverpool squad, Klopp responded: “He has settled in nicely, that is true. It is very important for us because we cannot play our usual front three all the time all season.

“It’s difficult to improve things but it looks like he can do that so I am really happy about that.”


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