John Cena Talks About Playing Villains In Movies But Not Turning Heel In WWE

While at the San Diego Comic Con event recently, John Cena spoke about being willing to play the villain role in movies, but not in WWE.

As Cena explained, portraying the bad guy in movies is a way for his fans to see that side of his persona, without him ever actually “turning heel” in WWE.

Yup, prepare yourselves for “inside Baseball talk.”

“I have had a great career in the WWE and for that entire time I have been the good guy and that kind of went into my films so far, and now it doesn’t seem like my character in the WWE will ever evolve into that bad guy role that perhaps a lot of people have wanted; so this is kind of a way for my fans from that aspect of my career to see that side of me,” Cena said. “So, don’t expect heel John Cena in the WWE — that’s Inside Baseball talk for some of you — but it means bad guy John Cena isn’t happening there, so this is that chance for me.”

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