Jim Ross Q&A: HHH Only Powerful Because Of Who His Wife Is?, TLC Thoughts

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated his official Q&A section at JRsBarBQ.com fielding questions from fans on a wide variety of different pro wrestling related topics. Below are some of the highlights.

On if he thinks Triple H is where he is strictly because he married the bosses daughter:

I can’t change history but only learn from it. Plus I waste not one moment on matters that I cannot solve. You’re taking these matters much more passionate than am I. I have other interests to invest the needed passion on including my podcasts and my book. Thanks for the concern.

On the crazy spots, including Kalisto’s early in the TLC PPV using up all the cool spots, leaving nothing or the guys in the rest of the matches, particularly the main event:

TLC is a very tough show to book. After all that we saw in a great, first match, what’s truly left to provide the needed moment? Main Event had little to do differently but beat the hell out of each other. The night was a spot fest.

On his thoughts on the British Bulldog, Dynamite Kid and William Regal:

Dynamite was ahead of his time, Davy Boy could turn it on with the best of them when he was motivated to do so and William Regal has been underrated for years in my eyes and is my favorite British Wrestlers

On if he thinks it’s sad that actual wrestling is the least important part of being a pro wrestler these days:

Yep…talents picking up too many bad habits and short cuts. I still think that most people who still attempt to watch wrestling these days actually tune in to see bell to bell physicality and competition and not bad acting and lame humor.

On Jerry Lawler and Jim Carrey’s incident on set of “Man on the Moon” and possibility of an Andy Kaufman WWE HOF induction one day:

The Carrey-Lawler incident on the set was staged and not a great angle to say the least. It was Carrey attempting to act as if he thought Kaufman would although Jim was wrong. Seems as if the Andy Kaufman-Jerry Lawler ship has sailed expect for Jerry inducting Kaufman into the WWE HOF some day.

On Daniel Bryan’s possible return and a potential match against Jeff Hardy:

My biggest concern is for DB’s health and not him wrestling someone who isn’t even with the company at this time.

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