It’s a rap

Musician and online talent show sensation, Nawukere, bares his soul on his newly released album, Who Am I.

Nawukere is in a good mood. He is taking a few days off with his family in Sanya, a coastal city of Hainan province.

“I am currently sitting in a room facing the sea. I had a good day with my family at a water park. I also bought a Lego Batmobile, which I am still working on,” says the rapper from Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

What’s also making him excited is his brand new full-length album, on which he has written and performed 12 original songs. He also composed and recorded four instrumental pieces, making the whole album sound like a movie of his life. Entitled Who Am I, the new album features songs about his love for his family, respect for his rap scene peers in Xinjiang and his responses to online bullying.

Last summer, Nawukere came second in the hugely popular The Rap of China, an online reality show which helped propel hip-hop music into China’s mainstream. Ever since he took the stage, the round-faced, ambitious young man wasted no time in throwing down the gauntlet to his rivals, immediately giving a full-faith, full-throated presentation of his music. He raps in Mandarin, English and the Uygur language, stunning the audience with his freestyle and creativity.

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