Hyderabad Doctors Treat Uzbek Patient Using Online Translator

When 58-year-old patient, Gavkharjon Khafizova, from Uzbekistan landed in Hyderabad earlier this month — with no knowledge of English and limited resources — little did she know that a life-changing experience awaited her in the city. But courtesy technology, and a team of dedicated doctors, she sailed smoothly through her treatment, which turned out to be more complicated than what it initially appeared.

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While Khafizova — among the first few medical tourists from that part of the world — came to the city hoping to undergo a knee replacement surgery, doctors at Udai Omni Hospital for Advanced Orthopaedics and Trauma soon discovered that she had three life threatening complications — liver failure, difficulty in breathing and low platelet count —in addition to the knee degeneration. What followed over the next 10 days was extensive doctor-patient interactions, but through google translate (an online translation tool).

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